What Kind of Asian Are You?

Podcast Spotlight - Reel Asian Podcast - RAYMOND LUU / #66

May 05, 2022 DIASPORA ASIAN PRODUCTIONS Season 4 Episode 66
What Kind of Asian Are You?
Podcast Spotlight - Reel Asian Podcast - RAYMOND LUU / #66
Show Notes

Podcast Spotlight is an episode that we will do where we will be talking to another podcaster that is Asian and is doing a podcast that is AAPI specific /Asian themes or Asia diaspora specific.  We hope by doing this we are able to build relationships with other Asian podcasters and help each other build/grow in the podcast space that needs more Asian voices.

Today, we are talking to Raymond Luu of Reel Asian Podcast. We talked about his background, the reason that he got into podcasting and the Reel Asian Podcast of course. If you enjoyed our conversation, please make sure you check out Reel Asian Podcast as they just started their season 4.


A show focused on Asian and Asian-American-related films where each episode presents discussions from a variety of angles, both in the micro & macro-views of Asian American culture and pop culture. We analyze and unpack the what, how, and why these films are worth talking about.

Hosted by Raymond, Alan, Renee, Pragya and Baldwin.

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Now enough of verbal diarrhea and to the episode! Thanks for listening! Again, we are back! Conversations about being Asian are back weekly!

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Raymond Luu
Alan Duong
Renee Ya
Pragya Saxena
Baldwin Diep

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