What Kind of Asian Are You?

The Immigration Experience in Hong Kong vs Canada - JOHNA BAYLON / #69

May 26, 2022 Season 4 Episode 69
What Kind of Asian Are You?
The Immigration Experience in Hong Kong vs Canada - JOHNA BAYLON / #69
Show Notes

This episode features the story of Johna Baylon (she/her), a journalist, writer, and editor based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Born in the Philippines, Johna grew up in Hong Kong, where she also spent the earlier part of her professional life writing about food and design. In 2019, she moved to Vancouver, B.C., where she has since been based.

This is a conversation about third culture-ness, immigration experience first as a child in the east and then the immigration experience as an adult in the west. It is also a conversation about Johna's experience in media, specifically in journalism and the topics that she writes about. 

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