What Kind of Asian Are You?

Podcast Spotlight - But Where Are You Really From? - Angela & Jesse Lin / #70

June 02, 2022 Season 4 Episode 70
What Kind of Asian Are You?
Podcast Spotlight - But Where Are You Really From? - Angela & Jesse Lin / #70
Show Notes

Another Podcast Spotlight episode featuring "But Where Are You Really From?" Podcast

About the podcast:

"But Where Are You Really From?" Podcast:

Hosts and life-long best friends Angela Lin and Jesse Lin explore their identities as Asian-Americans through the lens of their first-generation upbringings and how those influences have shaped how they see the world and their place in it.

Each episode explores a different topic of identity or common struggle. Many episodes feature special guests from both the Asian and broader POC communities bringing their unique perspectives, showing us that there's so much more that connects us than divides us. 

This is a conversation about the podcast, "But Where Are You Really From?" Podcast, their hosts, Angela and Jesse Lin, the origin story of the podcast, being Asian Americans and everything you would expect Asian American Diaspora-themed podcasters to talk about when they all get on a call to talk shop about the podcast game. It's a fun one!   

Episodes mentioned in the conversation:
Unpacking Asia Diaspora (ft. Cherrie from With Chinese Characteristics)
Terrible Twos (Two-year anniversary episode)
If There's No Fortune Cookie, Is it Really Chinese? (ft. Angela's Dad)

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