What Kind of Asian Are You?

The Creative Chimera - XinYi Tan / Don't Be Strangers Podcast / Ep 77

September 08, 2022 Season 4 Episode 77
What Kind of Asian Are You?
The Creative Chimera - XinYi Tan / Don't Be Strangers Podcast / Ep 77
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Today's episodes with the super creative and interesting XinYi Tan from the "Don't Be Strangers" Podcast.  Kyle, our host was on an episode of "Don't Be Strangers" check that out as well! Episode

We talked about finding your passions, creativity, being creative and loving art but not making it a career intentionally and the journey she took to become a creative chimera nomad.  

More about XinYi Tan:

I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and moved with my family to Dallas, Texas at age 7. My first couple of years in school were a huge struggle. English was not my first language and entering 2nd grade after skipping almost a year of school due to the move made making friends quite difficult. But even after learning English,

I never felt quite at home... anywhere.

  1. Culturally, I wasn’t fully American, but when my family and I visited Malaysia, I was painfully aware that I didn’t quite belong there either. 
  2. When it came to my passions, I could never make up my mind on a specific creative outlet or medium to hone — not because of indecisiveness (ok, maybe a little bit), but because I find joy in learning, remixing, and over-complicating mixed-media projects. But before I found pride in calling myself a creative chimera, I was hopelessly lost in how to identify my art and therefore myself. 
  3. Being aromantic meant that I couldn’t relate to 99% of the stories represented in pop culture. 

​In short, I thought I was an alien. With every friend that I’ve found (who listened to me wholeheartedly and confided in me sincerely), I began to feel less and less alien and more and more at home on Earth.  I began to feel like I belonged.
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(Cont.) The Creative Chimera - XinYi Tan / Don't Be Strangers Podcast / Ep 77