What Kind of Asian Are You?

No Sound Bites, Only Unfiltered Truths - REAL TALK: UNFILTERED / #HATEISAVIRUS / Katherine Ally Zaslavsky

October 31, 2022 Season 4 Episode 80
What Kind of Asian Are You?
No Sound Bites, Only Unfiltered Truths - REAL TALK: UNFILTERED / #HATEISAVIRUS / Katherine Ally Zaslavsky
Show Notes


We are joined by Katherine Ally Zaslavsky(she/they):
1.  Indo-Caribbean
2. PhD candidate in Sociology.
3. a host, writer, and researcher of social truths and real representation.

In addition to that, she is a content producer/podcaster for #HATEISAVIRUS podcast series, Real Talk: Unfiltered where she co-hosts with a past guest of the podcast, Raymond Luu of Reel Asian Podcast.

In our conversation, we dived into Katherine's background, her experience with having a mom that is a Diaspora Asian herself, representation, media, and her work with #HATEISAVIRUS. Most importantly, we talked about her podcast with #HATEISAVIRUS, Real Talk: Unfiltered, an awesome podcast that you would love if you love honest stories from those in the AAPI community. It's an awesome show that you should all check out!

Hate Is A Virus is a nonprofit community of mobilizers and amplifiers to dismantle racism and hate.

More about Real Talk: Unfiltered:

Welcome to Real Talk: Unfiltered, where we dive deep into the experiences of trusted leaders in our community. Hosted by Katherine Ally Zaslavsky and Raymond Luu, our show gets real about issues facing Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, to add context to tough topics and to make the political -- personal. Unlike most media, we don't rely on sound bites - we use our platform to take space and make space for the unfiltered truth of AAPI existence. Created by Katherine Ally Zaslavsky Real Talk: Unfiltered is a production of Hate Is A Virus & Fung Jen Productions

The most recent episode of Real Talk: Unfiltered

Links to find Katherine, #HATEISAVIRUS, and Real Talk: Unfiltered!

Katherine (Instagram) (Twitter) (her personal podcast Instagram)
Real Talk: Unfiltered (Spotify) (Apple)

Thank you for sticking around to the final episode of season 4. Hope that you enjoyed the past episodes and be back in the new year for season 5!

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