What Kind of Asian Are You?

Re-Release Episode - Randy Lau (Made With Lau)

March 26, 2023
What Kind of Asian Are You?
Re-Release Episode - Randy Lau (Made With Lau)
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1. It's not a new episode! It's a re-release of one of our favourite conversations that we have had on this podcast.  We hope that new listeners of ours would give it a listen if they haven't already.
2. If you are already a fan of Randy and his family (who isn't?) and want to learn about Randy and how he started Made With Lau, this would be a good episode to listen to as this was recorded back when they were still only at about 10000+subscribers till now where they are over 1 million strong!
3. By the way, season 5 of the podcast coming your way APRIL 2, 2023!!!!

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(Cont.) Re-Release Episode - Randy Lau (Made With Lau)