What Kind of Asian Are You?

The Stories Behind The Food - Karon Liu (Toronto Star Food Reporter)

April 03, 2023 Karon Liu Season 5 Episode 82
What Kind of Asian Are You?
The Stories Behind The Food - Karon Liu (Toronto Star Food Reporter)
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Season 5 is now here! Thank you for all of your patience. We have taken a long but well-needed break, but we are back and looking forward to giving you all the great conversations about being Asians with the cool Asians that you yourself would want to have conversations with as well.

To start season 5 with a bang, we had a conversation with Karon Liu, a food reporter for the Toronto Star who is based in the Greater Toronto Area.  He is a super-talented writer and reporter telling stories about food and the people/restaurants that are behind the food you love.

In our conversation, we covered:
-Greater Toronto Area Chinese community history since the 1980s
-His experience growing up in the Greater Toronto Area in the 90s and his thoughts on identity/third culture-ness
-His career in food reporting and also his thoughts on food media
-His favourite foods and his relationship with food
-His journey on reconnecting with his Cantonese heritage through cooking and learning Cantonese and Chinese.

Karon Liu Biography: Karon is a Hong Kong Chinese Canadian that immigrated with his family to the Greater Toronto Area when he was 1 in the last 1980s. He is now a reporter for the Toronto Star mainly on topics related to food, restaurants, culture, and how all those intertwine.  Outside of his work in media, he is also on his journey to getting back in touch with his heritage/culture specifically Cantonese through learning Chinese and learning/cooking more Cantonese recipes.

Karon Liu
Toronto  Star Profile

Karon's Articles:

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(Cont.) The Stories Behind The Food - Karon Liu (Toronto Star Food Reporter)