What Kind of Asian Are You?

Being #VeryAsian - TJ Wey (Asian Detox Podcast) | #85

April 30, 2023 Season 5 Episode 85
What Kind of Asian Are You?
Being #VeryAsian - TJ Wey (Asian Detox Podcast) | #85
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On today's episode, we have TJ Wey, Ze is an entrepreneur and host of a podcast, called "The Asian Detox" Podcast. Our conversation will cover what TJ does and TJ's podcast. Our conversation touches on topics of being and growing up Asian American, immigrant mindset mentality, hustle culture, and re-evaluating your mindset on what is the right way to live and start being and living your most authentic self.

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(Cont.) Being #VeryAsian - TJ Wey (Asian Detox Podcast) | #85