What Kind of Asian Are You?

Capturing Family Stories w/ Root & Seed | Anika Chabra & Jennifer Siripong Mandel | #88

May 28, 2023 DIASPORA ASIAN PRODUCTIONS Season 5 Episode 88
What Kind of Asian Are You?
Capturing Family Stories w/ Root & Seed | Anika Chabra & Jennifer Siripong Mandel | #88
Show Notes

To finish Asian American Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Month/Asian Heritage Month strong, we talked with Anika Chabra & Jennifer Siripong Mandel of Root & Seed.

Root & Seed is a podcast that explores culture and family heritage. Hosted by Anika Chabra, host Kyle appeared on an episode talking about his story being Asian diaspora and using the podcast to document Asian diaspora stories. That was how we became aware of Root & Seed and all they do. Check out the episode!

In addition to the podcast, Root & Seed also produces a conversation tool (digital and physical) to make capturing family stories easier. The overall mission of Root & Seed is to bring together fellow tradition-seekers to claim, honor, document and celebrate their culture and let it live on in their words, thoughts, actions and experiences for generations to come. They have a great mission and this is why we needed to have a conversation with the founders, Anika and Jennifer about it.

Our conversation was about who they are, their Asian diaspora upbringing, how they met and started Root & Seed, their podcast, their conversation tool, and the reasons why they are doing what they are doing now.

If you enjoyed our conversation, please go follow them on social media, support them and their conversation tool (get yourself one), listen to their podcast and introduce them to friends and family.

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