What Kind of Asian Are You?

Asian Hip Hop & Design | Grace Chen | #89

June 11, 2023 Season 5 Episode 89
What Kind of Asian Are You?
Asian Hip Hop & Design | Grace Chen | #89
Show Notes

Today's episode is with a very talented designer, Grace Chen.

Our conversation covers her story of being born in China, growing up in the Bay, her work in design, her love of Hip-hop (especially Mandarin and Cantonese hip-hop) and being a creator.

Her bio:

Grace Chen is a Product Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also a bilingual graphic design freelancer who has collaborated with musicians and creatives in the United States and abroad. Grace has provided design support for independent musicians and companies such as Baidu, Number Four Music, and LoomUp.She is also now working at a cybersecurity startup as a UX designer.

Grace has been a Hip-hop fanatic listening and rooting for Mandarin and Cantonese Hiphop for 10 years.

Make sure to check out her work! Follow her on Instagram and contact her if you need any design work done for your projects!

Grace Chen:


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