What Kind of Asian Are You?

Asian Diaspora and Belonging | JF Lee | #90

June 25, 2023 DIASPORA ASIAN PRODUCTIONS Season 5 Episode 90
What Kind of Asian Are You?
Asian Diaspora and Belonging | JF Lee | #90
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Conversation with Wuxia author, JF Lee

A conversation on growing up as an Asian Diaspora (Singaporean Chinese Canadian) in Vancouver, Canada, studying in the States, being an accountant, living in the Cayman Islands, becoming a Wuxia author, and an introduction to the Wuxia genre along with recommendations. 

What is Wuxia?
Wuxia is a genre of Chinese fiction that features itinerant warriors of extreme (almost supernatural) martial arts skill in ancient China. These aren’t your average heroes. We’re talking people that can fly through the trees, cross vast distances in a single leap, reverse the flow of blood in the body with internal qi, and other amazing, superhuman feats. They travel around righting wrongs, helping people, and being good guys.

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(Cont.) Asian Diaspora and Belonging | JF Lee | #90