What Kind of Asian Are You?

FOODIE TALK | Tiffany Ran (Ba Ba Lio Taiwanese Pop Up) | #91

July 16, 2023 Season 5 Episode 91
What Kind of Asian Are You?
FOODIE TALK | Tiffany Ran (Ba Ba Lio Taiwanese Pop Up) | #91
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Today's episode features Tiffany Ran, Taiwanese American chef of Ba Ba Lio (886), BB6 Taiwanese Pop Up out in Seattle.

We talked all about Tiffany's journey in the culinary world, being a chef, her Taiwanese-American upbringing, and of course, food specifically Taiwanese food and why you need to check out more than just Boba (Bubble Tea) and soup dumplings because Taiwanese food is soo good! Plus, we talked about her pop-up, Ba Ba Lio!

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What is Ba Ba Lio (According to Tiffany):

During my first few years of cooking in Seattle restaurants, I'd wrap up my shifts late at night just as the sun was rising in Taiwan. I would call home after finishing my shifts, dialling 011+886...waiting for the connection...closing my eyes as the phone rings. I'd picture that the King County bus I'm riding on would magically complete its route in front of Taipei's Nanmen Market.

"What are you making today?"

"What does the market have?"

After asking these questions, my mother on the other line would fill me in on the produce at the morning wet markets and on dishes bound for the dinner table.

"Ba ba lio," or 8-8-6 in Chinese, is the international calling code to Taiwan, a string of numbers that tethers me to one home as I struggled to build another in a new city. BB6 Taiwanese Pop Up was born from homesickness and driven by discoveries. While our dishes are born of old Taiwan flavours, they're also peppered with new Pacific Northwest elements.

 I hope, from our meals, you'll discover new flavours and recall familiar ones. Please follow us and share your feelings, favourite dishes, and cravings with me. Taiwanese cuisine is, in part, about my experiences, but it's also yours. I am fortunate and so is Taiwan, to have your support!

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(Cont.) FOODIE TALK | Tiffany Ran (Ba Ba Lio Taiwanese Pop Up) | #91