What Kind of Asian Are You?

Always a Gift and Opportunity in Every Situation | Amy Yip | #94

January 25, 2024 Season 5 Episode 94
What Kind of Asian Are You?
Always a Gift and Opportunity in Every Situation | Amy Yip | #94
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WE are back from a long break! We finally pulled it together and this would be the first of the final 6 episodes for our fifth season. Thank you for your continued support and I hope you will continue to support us and listen to the rest of our season to be released weekly until we finish probably in February.

Today, we have Amy Yip joining us for a conversation about:
-Being Chinese American in America, trying to fit in while trying to rebel against her family but still staying inside the box for the longest time
-Working in corporate America, from consulting to marketing for Google 
-Her Breaking point and how that led her to become a somatic life transformation and mental fitness coach
-Mental Fitness and how Amy gained clarity in her life after feeling lost, burnt out and hitting rocking bottom 
-Talking to your immigrant parents about the deep topics to understand them 
-Her book, Unfinished Business: Breaking Down the Great Wall Between Adult Child and Immigrant Parents

About Our Guest:

Amy Yip is a Somatic Life Transformation and Mental Fitness coach, keynote speaker, author, and self-confidence trainer. She works with women of color leaders to strengthen their mental fitness, heal intergenerational wounds, find their voice and the courage to speak up, and have agency to let go of all the ‘shoulds’ so that they can be the authors of their own life stories. Her mission is to empower AAPI women to be seen, to be heard, and to f-ing rock the boat.

Amy is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach, a Certified Hudson Institute Coach, a Certified Strozzi Institute Somatic Coach, and a pioneer Mental Fitness Coach certified through Positive Intelligence.

Amy received her MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, and her BS in computer science and BA in communications from the University of Maryland.

Amy resides in Maryland with Greg, her best friend and husband, and her son Logan, the cutest kid ever.

Check out Amy!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amycyip & https://www.facebook.com/amyyipcoaching 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amycyip & https://www.linkedin.com/company/amyyipcoaching 

Instagram: @amyyipcoaching



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(Cont.) Always a Gift and Opportunity in Every Situation | Amy Yip | #94