What Kind of Asian Are You?

(Bonus) Diaspora Hong Kongers Talk about the Hong Kong Protests 香港人加油!w/ Dr. Benjamin Cheung

What Kind of Asian Are You?
(Bonus) Diaspora Hong Kongers Talk about the Hong Kong Protests 香港人加油!w/ Dr. Benjamin Cheung
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Just a little disclaimer before we get to the conversation that I had with Dr. Benjamin Cheung from UBC. Today’s episode is about the Hong Kong Protests that have been going on since 2019. The conversation goes into how both Benjamin and I see and feel about the Hong Kong Protests as we are both Diaspora Hong Kongers that immigrated to Canada before July 1, 1997.  We also talk about the characteristics of those in support of the government versus those in support of pro-democracy and self-determination for Hong Kong. Last, we offered our thoughts on how Hong Kong will end up in the future and Benjamin’s words of encouragement for Hong Kongers still in Hong Kong. 

This conversation might go over your head if you are not familiar with what’s happening in Hong Kong so I would suggest reading up before listening and for those that are somehow affected by the Protests, this might be something you choose to avoid if it’s too triggering. Also, if you are those that have your mindset on how “bad” pro-democracy people are, feel free to skip this episode as well. 

Last, I would like to offer two Hong Kong-based organizations that you can check out and support. They are organizations set up to help those in Hong Kong that are in need and have been greatly affected by the Protests and now the pandemic. They are the marginalised ethnic minorities and refugees living in Hong Kong that are often not taken care of by the government and society. Please consider supporting them/sharing them on your platforms. The organizations are The Zubin Foundation and Grassroots Future. Thank you for listening. Now to the episode. 

Read up on the Hong Kong Protests

Hong Kong’s last battle - An Anti-Capitalist Explainer for the Hong Kong Protests


Support these organizations!

  1. https://www.zubinfoundation.org/
  2. https://www.instagram.com/zubinfoundation/
  3. https://grassrootsfuture.org/
  4. https://www.instagram.com/grassrootsfuture/


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