What Kind of Asian Are You?

What's Going on With What Kind of Asian Are You? Podcast??

December 09, 2021 DIASPORA ASIAN PRODUCTIONS Season 3
What Kind of Asian Are You?
What's Going on With What Kind of Asian Are You? Podcast??
Show Notes

An update episode and featuring a clip of another podcast episode that Kyle (host) guest co-hosted on.

TLDR: (although we would love to have you listen to the podcast to find out what's going on)

1. The Podcast has been slacking on uploads and posting
2. This is all because of the host's move back to Canada with his wife
3. The host is currently spending most of his time resettling in Canada and working multiple jobs so podcasting will have to wait
4. The host is expecting a baby with his wife expecting to be due in early February
5. The podcast will continue but on a more less consistent basis for now till a few months after the baby is born
6. We really appreciate your support and hope to continue to have your support past 2021
7. Attached to this update episode is a clip of a podcast episode that Kyle was on being a guest co-host (links to the full episode and links to find out more about the podcast down below)

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