What Kind of Asian Are You?

From Being a Working Professional to Being a Work-From-Home Mom w/ Kaiyan Wong (@heymommio) of USMOMMIOS PODCAST / #59

December 16, 2021 DIASPORA ASIAN PRODUCTIONS Season 3 Episode 59
What Kind of Asian Are You?
From Being a Working Professional to Being a Work-From-Home Mom w/ Kaiyan Wong (@heymommio) of USMOMMIOS PODCAST / #59
Show Notes

A work-from-home mom that embarked on a content-creating journey as a result of the pandemic. She creates content on Youtube about raising her mixed child in America, Cantonese teaching content (as she is teaching her son Cantonese, her native language), and a podcast series all about conversations with moms (mostly Cantonese background) around the world about their parenting stories. Kaiyan Wong is our guest for this week's episode.

Kaiyan Wong is a Diaspora Asian that immigrated to the west during her late teens in a rather unconventional way. She finished her post-secondary education in America before embarking on a successful career in the corporate/sales industries before getting married and having a son with her husband that turned her into a full-time mom.

In our conversation, we explored her immigration story, her thoughts on being a Diaspora Asian in her teenhood (cultural shock, discovery, etc), raising a mixed child, being a mom, the changing of her identity after having her child, parenting tips and advice, the importance of her native language and culture, content creating and more.

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