What Kind of Asian Are You?

South Asian Activism and Youth Empowerment w/ Alisha Gupta / #63

January 20, 2022 Season 3 Episode 63
What Kind of Asian Are You?
South Asian Activism and Youth Empowerment w/ Alisha Gupta / #63
Show Notes

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In this week's episode, we have Alisha Gupta, a South Asian American student at UT Austin. Alisha is a speaker, entrepreneur, social activist, and student all at the same time! She focuses on youth empowerment and South Asian activism using social media as her platform to deliver her message and provide a positive impact to the communities that she cares for. 

We talked about her identity (the duality of it being Indian, South Asian, Desi but still American), all the stuff that she does while being a student, business/entrepreneurship, social activism and much more. Get inspired by Alisha and her story!

Alisha's Bio:

A sophomore at UT Austin, double majoring in Business Honors and Marketing, minoring in Business Analytics, and with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She started a job at Sorenson Impact Investing Firm in which she works as an analyst running due diligence on impact companies, mostly in Latin America. The mission is to delegate funds and social capital to ventures that have a direct impact on communities that are underrepresented and underfunded. She now works for Capital Factory as a Ventures Fellow. 

She is also currently employed with an organization called Humanity Rising which she heads Marketing and Outreach. Within the organization, she initiated a podcast series, What Cause Inspires You that features student service stories from around the globe, social entrepreneurship professionals, and delegate scholarships. They recently won a 30K national Innovation Grant! She was interviewed by NBC! (https://www.nbcchicago.com/top-videos-home/project-innovation-funding-awarded-to-humanity-rising/2561176/). The purpose of the podcast is to allow students a voice for their social justice movements.

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