What Kind of Asian Are You?

FEEL EVERYTHING and Asian Talk w/ Ben Aqua / #64

January 28, 2022 Season 3 Episode 64
What Kind of Asian Are You?
FEEL EVERYTHING and Asian Talk w/ Ben Aqua / #64
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We talked previously on Never Jaded Podcast about his creative journey/process. However, after that conversation, Ben brought up the fact that we didn't talk about their Asian identity and asked them about it despite the fact that Never Jaded is all about giving flowers to Asian creators.

So that's why in today's episode the conversation is about being Asian, being queer and how all that interconnects which influence their art/content. We also touched on our feelings/thoughts about the Anti-Asian Hate that has been going on and much more that you should be tuning into.

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(Cont.) FEEL EVERYTHING and Asian Talk w/ Ben Aqua / #64